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Importance Of Effective Lubrication

Many companies didn't understand the importance and proper application of lubrication. The lubrication industry must realize the importance of lubrication and the application of its five basic "Rights" in order to achieve world-class machine reliability.
Let's take a look at each concept and then discuss best practices, including how to choose the right lubricant supplier.
The Five R's of Lubrication Procedures
1. Right Product
The first step towards equipment reliability is to determine the right lubricant. Boundary film formation properties and viscosity grade are the two most important factors that help to select the right product.
The OEM can most often help you choose the right lubricant products to suit your operation. It is important to find high-quality lubricant products which are easily accessible and that meet OEM requirements.
One should select a product that meets their goals and budget. The lubricant manufacturers and OEM can help to make a final decision by consulting the maintenance experts.
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2. Right Place
Once we select the right type of lubricant, we need to apply it to the proper location. It is common to add the wrong product at a lubrication spot.
To avoid such cases, all lubrication points must be properly labelled. Lubricant manufacturers provide lube tags for the identification of the appropriate lubricant to be utilized at the lube point.

3. Just the right amount
More is not necessarily better in Lubrication. A lot of lubricant in a framework can be as destructive as not enough.
One of the most common causes of machinery failure is over-greasing. Grease lubricant is more difficult to manage. Manual re-lubrication is one of the aspects of lubrication that is difficult to control.
It is easy to calculate the correct amount by using a few measurements and formulas. It is important to take into account all factors and variables that affect the volume.
4. Right time
After we have established the program, including the product, quantity, and quality, it is time to set lubrication intervals. Other factors, such as temperature, environment, and machinery arrangement, can affect re-lubrication amounts and intervals. These factors are important as they impact re-lubrication intervals.
5. Right Attitude
We have effectively examined the 5 Rights of lubrication procedures and they appear to be more pertinent and significant. However, the accuracy in defining the lubrication properties, lubrication intervals, amounts, and different requirements carried out by the individuals plays an important role.
You may have well-defined lubrication procedures, but they are not properly managed. It is important to have a dedicated maintenance and technical team that has the right attitude.
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